Redbull X Fighters Jam Jindabyne 2012

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Redbull X Fighters Jam Jindabyne 11Hey Crew, hope these words find You happy n healthy in Your corner of the world … the Boss asked Me to chuck a few words on paper and drop a few pics from the Redbull Xfighters demo at my local pub in Jindy the other day so here they are ….


So the snowseason is drawing to a close yet the snow has been alltime … crew have been scoring epic lines down Stanleys and gleefully tracking out the resorts. It’s always the time of year I start looking at my dirtbikes and surfboard and start thinking about warmer climates and less crowds. Anyway last week one of my mates was over frothing about a Redbull FMX demo at the Lake Jindabyne pub !!!! … It’s been years since we’ve had freestyle in Jindy so I was straight on the phone to Bushwacker … He is like ” Yeah Brother I’m MC’n it,  We are chuckin the ARD setup under the balcony see ya there ” …..

Faaaark  keen would be an understatement , I’ve had alot of sh#t on my plate lately and hadn’t seen or photographed any freestyle for ages so I beside myself. The forcast looked ok as far as weather and wind and I knew the venue would be off the chain so Saturday couldn’t come quick enough.


Redbull X Fighters Jam Jindabyne 7But come it did, Sat morning saw me at the pub feeling a bit shabby from the night before … I do a radio show on fri night and it usually runs late into a drunken vynal session but ya get that. At this point I should say that if You plan to crawl around on rooftops shooting FMX all day and You are already feeling a bit seedy ? … Well getting into a lager frenzy with Your beautiful girlfriend that can drink most of your mates under the table at 11am probably isn’t the best way to go … but hey, lifes a fluid situation I think it’s not best to get hung up on the little things so I eagerly accepted my dual responsibilies. Before long Bushwacker was on the mike and the boys were kicking over their bikes .. 4 of the boys made the trip down Aaron Guthrie SRH , Joel Brown UNIT, Josh Hanner LKI , Truman Carroll MM . The boys put on 3 excellent shows over the afternoon and even found time to go up  the footy oval and pull a few wheelstands for the halftime crowd in the local union final … for the record Jindy won. As You can see by the pics the venue was excellent and gave the fans an awsome perspective from the balcony and as the afternoon progressed and the beer flowed everyone got into it.


Redbull X Fighters Jam Jindabyne 9
 In the end the boys pulled just about every trick in the book   except the double … there was talk of it,  but everyone had had such a great arvo no one wanted to pull out the bandaids in the last 5 minutes … didn’t matter, everyone was stoked on the action and the vibe was awsome. Anyway I staggered around the roof and got a few shots and continued the beer frenzy into the night … I’d like to say I made the 15km dirt backroad ride on my 88 to Bushwackers old mans place for the after party but I didn’t … by 10pm I was in more trouble than the early settlers … by 12 I was out like a light …. mmm must be gettin old. Anyway excellent event and I’m hoping We can do it again … there’s nuthin like a day of FMX and beers on the balcony withy Ya mates at Ya local pub … if that don’t sound like a fun day to You I can’t help Ya.


Take care of each other out there