Broken Tree welcomes Saligia.

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As you know we’re always getting approached by new brands and we’re out scouting the world (well Australia anyways) for the very best in independent clothing labels and the crew that support them.

That’s where Saligia steps in. Saligia is another fine example of Australian apparel labels and their drive to succeed in a market place force fed by over priced mass produced clothing ranges from companies that might as well be dinosaur fossils.

Combine their clean lines with strong ties to the Hardcore music scene and you’ve got an amazing mix of designs that anyone would be proud to wear.

As well as an amazing array of T Shirts the Saligia lads haven’t forgotten the ladies with a pretty tidy mix of girls singlets, ladies tees, chicks leggings and accessories.

So stay tuned as we upload the latest Spring 2012 range into the Broken Tree online store.

Here’s a little info from the Saligia Website about their main man!


Lucky enough to be growing up on the Gold Coast, with a musical background I fell in love with live music venues such as the Playroom and Festival Hall.

My love of live bands, artwork and all things creative, saw an emerging fascination with all things to do with screen printing and graphic design.

Having a background in small business management, humble beginnings saw things start up in a modest design studio. Designing and screen printing my own designs for local musos and finding a need in the industry for something with a little more punch, I created Saligia. I then discovered a small handful of like minded artists with similar outlooks and visions and then began creating.

Family is of highest priority in my life, next to music and work. The people i work with are like an extension of my own family. We simply love to create.

Get into our threads and enjoy!

And here’s a bit of info about the name in case you were wondering!


My curiosity with the seven deadly sins within my life and others gave the brand the name SALIGIA without too much hesitation.

Saligia (pronounced (sah_lij_eeah) is the word created from the first letter of each deadly sin in ancient Latin.

S – Superbia (pride)

A – Avaritia (greed)

L – Luxuria (lust)

I – Invidia (envy)

G – Gula (gluttony)

I – Ira (wrath)

A – Acedia (sloth)

What sins are you guilty of?

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