Drizel In Ink – Powell Peralta Mike Vallely Tribute Tattoo

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We’re lucky enough to know some amazing Australian artists from Paint to Pens and everything in between. Drizel In Ink, or Driz as we call him,  is one of those guys that has developed his own style and definitely earned the respect of his peers through years of hard work at shops around the Gold Coast.  Supplementing his skills with time in International Shops, Driz is one of Australia’s quiet achievers. Currently working from Whiskey Lane Tattoo Co in Robina on the Gold Coast, Driz is all about connecting with his clients to deliver tattoos they’ll love for ever. Check out this clip we did with him recently featuring the artwork of legendary skateboarder Mike Vallely. The original graphic was a VCJ on Mike’s first Pro Model from Powell Peralta Skateboard’s in 1987. We hope you like the clip.

For more information about the graphic visit this link from Transworld Skateboarding.