Festival Checklist.

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Hey Y’all!

Festival Season is upon us! Parklife kicks off in Brisbane this weekend and here at Broken Tree we are all getting very excited. We will have a few crew at the event to report on all the exciting bits and pieces. I’ll never claim to be a festival veteran but I will offer up a few little pointers for you that have helped me survive quite a few big festival benders.


No matter what festival you are going to, art, music, environmental, cultural, you will need to pack a few staple items.My favourite vessel for carrying these items is generally a small purse with a long strap that goes over one shoulder and crosses your back. They don’t fall off and your stuff is easily accessible. They best ones are ones with a zipper pocket inside so you can put your ID in it and not have to worry about it falling out when you are rummaging through everything. Guys a small backpack is generally pretty standard, or just pockets.

This bag should ALWAYS contain: I.D., cash-money, sunglasses, sun cream, gum, a cardigan or light jacket for later on, tissues, these can be used as toilet paper so you never run out, roll-on deodorant (not for sharing!), a pen and your phone.

Big Day Out Adelaide

Optional items, depending on the festival could include: Camera, earplugs (these are especially great for music festivals because you can still hear everything but your ears don’t feel like they are bleeding from 8pm onwards), a small and discreet tin to keep your secrets in. The best tins are Moxie or Altoids. Both are tins will go by unnoticed as people generally take tampons and mints into festivals anyways. A poncho is also handy to have if it looks like rain, they fold down into a tiny little ball and keep you dry. I hate wearing ponchos but some people swear by them. Apparently it’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho…

SummafieldayzeThings you can leave at home include: High Heels. I know this seems obvious, but seriously, there’s one twat at every festival that plans on ruining her friends day AND her ankles by wearing incorrect foot wear. You can leave your expensive sunnies, hats or jewellery at home too. If you bring it you WILL lose it! And guys, leave your pink singlets at home. They will impress NO-ONE!

Correct footwear is easy, but a cheap pair of lace ups that you are happy to part with afterwards and you are all set. Thongs can be a bit of a hassle as they tend to get stepped on, blow out or fall off.

I hope these little packing tips come in handy this summer. I love nothing more than a good Festival and it would be a shame to have a less than wonderful experience because of a rookie packing error!

Drink lots of water, jump around, talk to strangers and keep your eyes open for money on the ground because if you look you will nearly always find some.

Now get out there, get amongst it and have a wonderful time!

Peace and Love

Anne. xx