The Golden Triangle – Moto X Drone Clip

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I was an early adaptor of Drone Technology having my first Drone Custom built for Thousands of Dollars, I later learnt how to rebuild that Drone (Several Times Over) after crashing it and learning that the technology was definitely not stable.

I filmed “The Golden Triangle” with that Drone once I had rebuilt it and upgraded it, these days my Drone is still DJI but it fits in my Camera bag with the rest of my Camera Equipment.

“The Golden Triangle” doesn’t feature the best Moto X Riders but for me it did encapsulate the stoke, that feeling you get riding with your mates at place that was built by you for you.

I never did get to return to “The Golden Triangle” before the crew moved on to other jobs, other lives and other hobbies but i still watch the video clip from time to time and smile about what a rad weekend it was.

Stay tuned as I have plenty more Drone Film up my sleeve that will eventually find it’s way to these pages.