Gypsy One.

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2009. Hawaii.

I know no one, have nowhere to sleep and am almost out of money.

I’m scared and honestly I want my mommy.

Put yourself in my shoes.

You’ve managed to tag along to a party, the locals are speaking broken English and you can’t think of one interesting thing to say.

It’s not fun.

I start drinking…

And don’t stop…

After copious amounts of rum and pineapple juice I am talking to people and making friends.


Did makeup for a quickie photoshoot with @gypsyone and mr @kennysweeney this morning

“Hi, I’m Jenah” , I look over and see the most intriguingly beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She is 16 and somehow makes freckles sexy.

From then on, we’d laze the beach all day, occasionally surf and party all night.
In just 3 short years Jenah has made quite a name for herself, starring in Green Day music videos and attending parties at the Playboy mansion.

She doesn’t sleep, loves trouble and has more god given talent than one person should be allowed.

Becoming some sort of a “Tumblr celebrity” this godess can do it all: photography, graffiti and modelling.

Gypsy One

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