Local Photographers Making Moves.

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Hey Crew! So, it’s been a while coming and I have no other excuse than being crazy busy working over Summer…

Definitely not a great excuse.

Anyways, a while ago I started working on a piece that involved catching up with a few of my favorite local photographers.

Here’s what they had to say about doing what they love for a living and giving people a different view of the world.


Coffs Harbour Wave Photo Adam DuffyADAM DUFFY

Business Name: adamduffyphotography.com

Age: 32

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Home-town: Coffs Harbour

What kind of camera are you using?

I use a canon 5D mkII, 15mm fisheye, 70-200mm, 24-105mm, Aquatech water housing.

What style of photography are you into? Surfing, Travel with the odd wedding when I get the chance.

What is your favorite thing to photograph? Anything in the water, waves/surfers, storms and exotic destination’s anywhere around the globe.

Who or what is your inspiration? Clark Little, Tim Jones and Discovery Channel.

Duranbah Beach Photo Adam DuffyWhere do you see photography taking you in the next five years? Continuing to Freelance for an online publication so I can keep travelling, exploring and shooting…

*Adam’s photos can be found on facebook at www.facebook/adamduffyglobalphotograher or on instagram at @globalphotographer.


Peru Street Photo Mathew LittlewoodMATTHEW LITTLEWOOD

Business Name  HowDoYouSee Photography and Design

Location: Gold Coast Australia

Home-town: Sydney Australia

What kind of camera are you using at the moment?

Canon 7D – sigma 10-20 – tamron 18-270 – Sigma 50-500 – canon 50 prime

What style of photography do you prefer?

My Passions in life are travel and photography so I love taking photos of everything I see on the road, everything from the beautiful scenes I come across to the people I meet and the wildlife I see. My dream is to share the journey, to inspire others to take the leap and start an adventure of their own to broaden their mind.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

My favorite thing to photograph is wildlife because it is unpredictable and exciting. There is no time to set up the perfect scene but instead an instant that if you miss, it’s gone.

African Parrot Photo Matt LittlewoodWho or what inspires you?

My inspiration is anyone who has the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take a risk, especially those who take that risk to capture something amazing

Where do you see photography taking you over the next five years?

Over the next 5 years I see myself exploring and taking photos and slowly but surely becoming recognised within the travel photography genre, first of all my next shoot in Africa, which I leave for in 4 weeks. I also have goals of publishing a hard cover coffee table book.

Matt is currently shooting amazing photos in Africa that can be found at www.facebook/howdoyousee or on instagram at @howdoyousee.





Grandad Bubbles Photo Matt SedunaryMATT SEDUNARY

Name.   Matthew Sedunary

Business Name.   Matt Sedunary Photography

Age.   30

Location.   Melbourne

Home-town.   Melbourne

What kind of camera do you use?   

Canon 7D


What style of photography are you into?   Basically I just love to make something appear differently than what it would to the naked eye.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?   Nature is probably my favorite thing to shoot but I really enjoy shooting a lot of different stuff. I love the discovery of trying something new and getting a good result.

Geelong Sunrise Jetty Photo Matt SedunaryWho or what is your inspiration?   It sounds kinda corny but inspiration is all around us, in nature, architecture, animals, a beautiful face, anything really.

But if you need something a bit more obvious, the internet is an endless source of ideas, inspiration and motivation, these days.

Definitely seeing friends succeeding in photography is a real inspiration.

Where do you see photography taking you in the next five years?   My main goal is to keep enjoying photography. If I can make a career out of it and continue to enjoy it, that would be great.

*Check out more of Matty’s photos at www.facebook/mattsedunaryphotography or on instagram at @mattsedunary.




3 of the most talented photographers on the local scene and a little light reading for you for the day, not too bad at all.

More from me soon!

Peace and Love

Anne xx