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Our good mate Ra from RONAN ART decided to take a look at the opening of The Hours art space in Sydney. The Hours Opening Sydney

As per usual the room was filled with a bunch of art lovers, skateboarders and graff writers sipping politely on their beverages whilst admiring a wall show casing some of this countries best street artists.

THE HOURS aims to present a wide range of art based creative projects, exhibitions and ideas to the public through collaborating with forward thinking brands, galleries and institutions. Through strong social media presence and their network of dedicated blogs featuring contributors from around the world, THE HOURS will successfully communicate and interact effectively with the target audiences for these specific creative projects.
In turn producing new, cutting edge and memorable art projects, events, publications and products through collaboration and association with only the best creative talent, venues, brands and organisations.

The Hours Opening ArtTHE HOURS aims to encourage brands to think differently about how they market their image and products. Art and innovative creative ideas can play a major role in effectively marketing to a very modern, smart and technology savvy audience. By utilising all types of artists and their creative skills, THE HOURS hopes to inject more art into the world and encourage more businesses to support all forms of art.

THE HOURS will also focus on creating opportunities for emerging artists to collaborate with each other and further develop and expose their work by initiating a range of different art exhibitions, events and projects all over Australia and the world.

We’re sure to be covering more of the Hours in the future so stay tuned. In the meantime check out some of Ra’s pics oh and while your at it visit his page RONAN ART and hit the like button!

Here’s the gallery from the night!

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