The New GoPro 3

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The much anticipated GoPro Hero 3 has just been released and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new smaller, lighter and 2 x more powerful GoPro 3. Combine that with it’s new Wi-Fi abilities and you’ll be holding one of the most advanced GoPro Camera’s ever released to market. It’s no secret i’ve loved mine since the day it arrived and i’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new friend!

GoProHero3Apparently no expense was spared during the development of the GoPro 3 and this has resulted in the new baby being 30% smaller and 25% lighter than previous models. The GoPro 3 is also 2x more powerful than any of it’s predecessors and as usual is mountable in thousands of applications. The GoPro3 is now also waterproof to 197 Feet ¬†about 60 m for us Aussie’s. The GoPro 3 is also now capable of capturing ultra-wide 1440p at 48fps and ¬†1080p 60 fps. And as if that’s not enough the GoPro3 can also shoot 720p at 120 fps. I’m hearing you already how about the stills and i’m just as stoked to tell you guys that it shoots 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second.


The HERO3: Black Edition is the world’s most versatile camera.

Built-in Wi-Fi, GoPro App compatibility and the included Wi-Fi Remote (normally a separate $79.99 accessory) make the HERO3: Black Edition all the more versatile, still.

There’s a truck load of other upgrades including better sound, nicer lense and a bunch of other bits go check em out!

I’m even more keen after researching all the in’s and outs and i’ll keep you posted as to when mine arrives!

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