Thunderdome Wrap Up

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The lads all packed into the Hordern Pavilion over the weekend to compete for the SBA Pro/Am Stop #3.

Words from the SBA Site:

Sydney is a prime travel destination… it has one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. The beaches rock. The infinite rolling hills lead to amazing street spots. The food options are off the charts. Who wouldn’t grasp an opportunity to go there on a skate trip? During the 90’s the Hordern Pavilion was home to several street comps that set a new standard for Aussie skate get togethers. Good to see that almost twenty years after the first comp was held there we are taking these gatherings up to a whole new level. Thunderdome brought together numerous gifted skateboarders and crews from all over our isle for one prime reason: a reunion jam that will go down in history.

Check out the video wrap up from the SBA Vimeo Channel

THUNDERDOME – 2012 NIKE SBA PRO/AM TOUR STOP #3 from Skateboarding Australia on Vimeo.

The SBA Link

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