Bondi Bowl a Rama

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Bondi Bowl-a-Rama

Words – Stuz – International Women of Mystery – Staff Writer at Broken Tree

Bondi Bowl a Rama went down last week and I was lucky enough to be down there amongst the action. It poured the first day and that night most of the skaters were lurking at the pub. No one thought it was going to run. Then on Sunday the sun cleared and it was enough to squeeze in the Pro’s, Masters and Mountain Dew Junior Am Jam Series at the ninth Vans Bowl a Rama Bondi.

I must confess, I know very little about skating but Holy Pedro. If anything needs to be said about the event, it’s that “Pedro is an alien. We’re going to find out in a few years that he can actually fly.” That is a direct quote I heard whilst in the stand. The crowd went wild. Fans were stomping their feet and yelling chants of encouragement before Pedro even began his run. At just 17 years old, Pedro Barros walked away with the title skating against the biggest line up Bondi has ever hosted.

The Pro Contest also included Lizzie Armanto, the lone female to qualify for this event. She gave the boys a go
od run for their money with big airs and flawless feeble grinds in the tight corner .

The Masters division was won by Nicky Guerrerro against skateboarding giants such as Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero and Pat Ngoho to name a few.

In it’s 9th consecutive year, a prize purse of $100,000,  a packed week of activities, growing crowds and the continual return of world-class skateboarders it’s easy to see why the officially sanctioned World Cup Skateboarding BOWL-A-RAMA has gained the reputation as the premier core skate series in the world.